• The Au Jasmin Tea

    The Au Jasmin Tea

    Special craft styling jasmine tea and high-grade jasmine tea are soaked in a glass, and enjoy the beauty and taste of the cup while enjoying the beautiful dance in the cup. The soup of the au jasmin tea should be yellow and bright. If it is dark and red, it is often a...Read More

  • Jasmine Tea Gift

    Jasmine Tea Gift

    Drink jasmine tea gift, usually brewed in a transparent glass, brewed with boiling water of about 90~C, brewing time is about 3-5min, and the number of brewing is 2-3 times. Enjoy the exquisite and unique shape of the tea through the glass when brewing. The bowl bowl brewing...Read More

  • Jasmine Flower Tea Balls

    Jasmine Flower Tea Balls

    Jasmine flower tea balls have the functions of Xin, Gan, Liang, Qingrejiedu, dampness, soothe the nerves and calming. It can cure lower abdominal pain, red eyes and swelling, sore swollen poison and other diseases. Jasmine tea not only maintains the bitter and cool effect of...Read More

  • Organic Spring Jasmine

    Organic Spring Jasmine

    1.organic spring jasmine qi stagnation. The volatile oily substance contained in jasmine has the effect of relieving pain and relieving stagnation and stagnation. It can alleviate the pain of chest and abdomen, and the symptoms of sputum and urgency, and the therapeutic...Read More

  • Pure Jasmine Tea

    Pure Jasmine Tea

    Pure jasmine tea first put the total amount of tea embryos 1/3-1/5, spread on the clean scented flower field, the thickness is 10-15cm, and then according to the flowers and flowers Pure jasmine tea typical estuary basin = the surrounding mountains of the basin are between...Read More

  • Jasmine Tea Balls

    Jasmine Tea Balls

    The jasmine tea balls were originally commercialized by the scholar-official tea, and they were commercialized at the end of the Ming Dynasty. Jasmine tea balls produce chemical adsorption due to water osmosis, and complex chemical changes occur under the action of damp heat.Read More

  • Best Jasmine Green Tea

    Best Jasmine Green Tea

    Best jasmine green tea incense is a health care product in ancient times, it is a medicine, tea is a medicine, it can solve a hundred poisons. Best jasmine green tea has the habit of opening a spit in the evening. The flowers are usually picked after 2 pm that day, with large...Read More

  • Where To Buy Jasmine Tea

    Where To Buy Jasmine Tea

    Where to buy jasmine tea Jasmine was considered to be the symbol of the inferior fame and fortune of the jade bone ice in the Tang Dynasty. Where to buy jasmine tea The purpose is: flowers in the process of transport due to pressure, respiration generates heat, not easy to...Read More

  • Jasmine Loose Leaf Tea

    Jasmine Loose Leaf Tea

    Jasmine loose leaf tea was listed as a tribute during the Qing Dynasty. Fuzhou jasmine tea originated from Han, and the innovation of traditional Chinese medicine promoted the birth of Fuzhou Jasmine Tea. Jasmine loose leaf tea has a long-lasting aroma, a mellow and fresh...Read More

  • Pu Erh Tea Cake

    Pu Erh Tea Cake

    Pu erh tea cake drinking Pu'er tea can cause physiological effects such as vasodilation, blood pressure drop, heart rate slowdown and blood flow reduction in the brain, and has a good therapeutic effect on patients with hypertension and cerebral arteriosclerosis. Pu erh...Read More

  • Raw Pu Erh Tea

    Raw Pu Erh Tea

    Raw pu erh tea Pu'er tea has a variety of effects such as lowering blood fat, losing weight, inhibiting bacteria, helping digestion, warming the stomach, producing fluid, quenching thirst, sobering and detoxifying. It can clear the stomach and stimulate the body,...Read More

  • Aged Pu Erh Tea

    Aged Pu Erh Tea

    Aged pu erh tea Yuan Dynasty has a place called "step day", because later written into Chinese characters, it became "Puer" (at the time "ears" without three points of water). The aged pu erh tea seed breeding method is simple, the cost is low,...Read More

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