• Loose Leaf Tea For Sale

    Loose Leaf Tea For Sale

    Loose leaf tea for sale Organic oolong tea is a kind of tea produced by standardized cultivation. Its characteristics are non-polluting and pure natural. Loose leaf tea for sale is the highest quality representative of tea, so it needs to be certified by the organic food...Read More

  • Green Tea And Jasmine

    Green Tea And Jasmine

    Green tea and jasmine tea, flower fight and post, placed in a wooden box (wood box size 46 × 43 × 43cm is the standard tea box No. 2) The green tea and jasmine should be spread on the pile of the product with a thin layer of about 1cm. The flowers are not exposed to reduce...Read More

  • Jasmine Dragon Pearls

    Jasmine Dragon Pearls

    The key process of the jasmine dragon pearls jasmine tea tanning process. The purpose is to use flowers and tea to mix together, so that the flowers are directly absorbed by the tea. Jasmine dragon pearls first spread the total amount of tea embryos 1/3-1/5, spread it on the...Read More

  • Jasmine Tea Leaves

    Jasmine Tea Leaves

    The purpose of jasmine tea leaves is to use the fresh magnolia to "taste" to increase the concentration of jasmine tea fragrance and to "set off" the freshness of the floral fragrance. The bottoming is moderate and can improve the quality of the flower...Read More

  • Numi Jasmine Green Tea

    Numi Jasmine Green Tea

    The purpose of numi jasmine green tea is: the flowers are heated during the transportation process due to pressure, and the heat is not easy to dissipate, which makes the flower temperature rise. Numi jasmine green tea When the temperature is high, you can use a light fan to...Read More

  • Jasmine Pearl Green Tea

    Jasmine Pearl Green Tea

    The jasmine pearl green tea is gradually yellowed from green, and the taste is changed from light to strong, forming the unique fragrance, color and taste of the flower tea. Jasmine pearl green tea cool: the flowers enter the field to adapt to the timely acceptance of the...Read More

  • Loose Jasmine Tea

    Loose Jasmine Tea

    Loose jasmine tea Fuzhou is a typical estuary basin. The mountains around the basin are between 600 and 1000 meters above sea level. The sunshine is short, the light is scattered, and the clouds are haunted. Loose jasmine tea is very conducive to planting tea trees; the...Read More

  • Best Jasmine Tea

    Best Jasmine Tea

    Best jasmine tea jasmine radiance, chills, sorrow, sorrow, sorrow, suffocation, suitable for sunshine, climate suitable, average temperature is 20 ° C ~ 40 ° C, soil water holding capacity of 60% ~ 80% growth. Best jasmine tea Since the production of jasmine tea requires...Read More

  • Jasmine Dragon Pearl Tea

    Jasmine Dragon Pearl Tea

    Jasmine dragon pearl tea was considered as a symbol of jade bone ice muscle and indifferent to fame and fortune during the Tang Dynasty, representing the morale of the scholar-officials. Jasmine dragon pearl tea When the Song Dynasty, China raised the craze for adding...Read More

  • Jasmine Tea Pearls

    Jasmine Tea Pearls

    Jasmine tea pearls originated in the ancient Roman Empire. During the Han Dynasty, they reached the ancient Persian and Scorpio through the Maritime Silk Road. After arriving in India, they became Buddhist holy flowers, and then spread to Fuzhou with Indian Buddhism. Jasmine...Read More

  • Jasmine Flower Tea

    Jasmine Flower Tea

    Jasmine flower tea has a fragrant and long-lasting taste, mellow and fresh, soup yellow and green, and the leaves are tender and soft. Jasmine flower tea Jasmine tea tea is a kind of healthy drink that has the effect of calming the nerves, relieving depression, strengthening...Read More

  • Bulk Tea Leaves

    Bulk Tea Leaves

    The bulk tea leaves are unfermented, the most widely consumed and most widely consumed in China. It is characterized by green leaves and rich nutrition, which can prevent diseases. The bulk tea leaves are harvested with bamboo rafts in time, and the thickness is even and...Read More

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