• Chinese Puer Tea

    Chinese Puer Tea

    Chinese puer tea is no longer marked with Pu'er: it is the tea of the original Pu'er tea area. With the advancement of processing technology, there are diversifications such as black tea, baking green, sun drying, and fried green. Chinese puer tea Since the late Qing...Read More

  • Pu Erh Tea Bags

    Pu Erh Tea Bags

    According to the tea tree variety of Chinese tea, pu erh tea bags will be divided into two major categories, namely, sexual and clonal varieties according to the propagation mode of tea trees. Pu erh tea bags are born in mountains with an altitude of 1000 meters to 2100...Read More

  • Buy Pu Erh Tea

    Buy Pu Erh Tea

    Buy pu erh tea is made of Yunnan big leaf seed tea in the geographical protection range, and is made by special processing technology within the geographical indication protection range. Buy pu erh tea Qing dynasty Fu in the "Pu'er Tea" said: "Pu's...Read More

  • Best Pu Erh Tea

    Best Pu Erh Tea

    The word best pu erh tea has also been called the Pu'er tea since the end of the Ming Dynasty. Generally speaking, the quality of tea in the two periods of "Spring Tip" and "Valley" is the best. Best pu erh tea In the first stage (Tang and Song...Read More

  • Pu Erh Tea Weight Loss

    Pu Erh Tea Weight Loss

    Pu erh tea weight loss Song Dynasty Li Shi also recorded in his book "Continued Bo Shi Zhi": "Tea is born out of the silver, and it is timeless, mixed with ginger and cooked." Pu erh tea weight loss Yunnan tea without a fixed name, also known as...Read More

  • Pu Erh Tea Benefits

    Pu Erh Tea Benefits

    Pu erh tea benefits leaf thin leathery, oval, dried brown green, slightly shiny, light green below, pubic hair on the middle rib, the rest is pubescent, old leaves become bald; lateral veins 8-9 pairs, in The above is obvious. Pu erh tea benefits Pu'er tea is mainly...Read More

  • Organic Pu Erh Tea

    Organic Pu Erh Tea

    Organic Pu'er Tea Pu'er Tea (scientific name: Camellia sinensis var.assamica), large tree, up to 16 meters, with tender hairs and white pilose. 3rd room of the organic Pu'er tea ovary, puberulent; style 8 mm long, apex 3-lobed. Capsule flat triangular sphere....Read More

  • The Best White Tea

    The Best White Tea

    The name of the best white tea was first appeared in the "Tea Sutra" of the Tang Dynasty, and it was recorded: "The East Tea Valley of Yongjia County has Baicha Mountain. The best white tea is generally divided into two processes of withering and drying, and...Read More

  • Best Loose Leaf Tea

    Best Loose Leaf Tea

    Best loose leaf tea white leaf bottom such as silver needle pot pot soup color green bright, fresh and refreshing mellow, occasionally light and bitter taste instantly in the mouth Best loose leaf tea white tea according to the temperature picking jade white buds and leaves...Read More

  • Buy Organic White Tea

    Buy Organic White Tea

    Buy organic white tea refers to a kind of tea that is processed after being harvested without being killed or simmered, and only after drying by drying or simmering. Buy organic white tea water content is controlled within 5%, put into the ice bank, the tea leaves taken out...Read More

  • White Tea Products

    White Tea Products

    White tea products are famous for their finished teas, full of white, such as silver like snow, the main producing areas in Fujian Fuding, Zhenghe, Songxi, Jianyang, Yunnan Jinggu and other places. The white tea products are flexible and the indoor natural withering. When the...Read More

  • Organic Silver Needle White Tea

    Organic Silver Needle White Tea

    Organic silver needle white tea makes it naturally wither. When drying to 70% or 80%, dry it slowly with a slow fire. Due to the simplicity of the production process, processing is carried out in a minimum of steps. Organic silver needle white tea tastes after brewing,...Read More