• The Best Jasmine Tea

    The Best Jasmine Tea

    The best jasmine tea is one of the top ten famous teas in China. It is a blooming jasmine flower and tea from the spring. It has the aroma of spring flowers and the fresh air of tea. It is a delicious taste. scented tea. Drinking jasmine tea is not only good for women, but...Read More

  • Strong Jasmine Tea

    Strong Jasmine Tea

    Generally, the tea slabs selected by strong jasmine tea are better for buds. Take Fujian flower tea as an example: the strip is long and full, white is more, and there is no leaf, followed by one bud, one leaf, two leaves or more buds, and the buds are revealed. When the...Read More

  • Choice Jasmine Green Tea

    Choice Jasmine Green Tea

    The scent of jasmine flowers is a biochemical change. The mature jasmine decomposes the fragrant substance under the action of enzyme, temperature, moisture and oxygen. With the physiological changes, the flower is open, and the aroma is continuously spit out. People with bad...Read More

  • Jasmine Tea Health Benefits

    Jasmine Tea Health Benefits

    Jasmine tea health benefits is a reprocessed tea of green tea with high water content and easy deterioration. Therefore, it should be protected from moisture during storage, and stored in a cool, dry, odor-free environment. Drink high-grade flower tea, usually brewed in a...Read More

  • Mighty Leaf Jasmine Tea

    Mighty Leaf Jasmine Tea

    The germination of tea embryos is caused by physical adsorption. As the scent is absorbed, it also absorbs a large amount of water. Due to the osmosis of water, chemical adsorption occurs. Under the action of moist heat, complex chemical changes occur. Jasmine has Xin, Gan,...Read More

  • Natural Organic Green Tea

    Natural Organic Green Tea

    Green tea is one of the main teas in China. It refers to the beverages made from the new leaves or buds of tea trees, which have not been fermented, processed by greening, shaping and drying. The appearance of old green tea is yellow, dull and dull, and the aroma is low. For...Read More

  • Best Green Tea Leaves

    Best Green Tea Leaves

    Green tea contains powerful antioxidants and vitamin C, which not only removes free radicals from the body, but also secretes hormones against stress. Put the newly picked green tea into a small environment with low temperature, darkness and oxygen isolation, so that their...Read More

  • Bulk Organic Green Tea

    Bulk Organic Green Tea

    The color is golden and oily, commonly known as ivory color, the aroma is fresh and long, the soup color apricot yellow is clear and bright, the taste is mellow and fresh, and the leaves are buds, which are thick and bright. Green tea refers to products made from the new...Read More

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