Organic Yellow Tea

  • Organic Loose Leaf Tea

    Organic Loose Leaf Tea

    Organic loose leaf tea In the early years of Qing Jiaqing (1796), there was white tea production. At that time, the variety of tea varieties in northern Fujian was fresh leaves. Organic loose leaf tea Qing Xianfeng, Tongzhi years (1851-1874), Zhenghe Tieshan Township people...Read More

  • Organic White Tea Leaves

    Organic White Tea Leaves

    Organic white tea leaves The royal tea garden of the Song Dynasty, located in Beiyuan, Jian'an County, Fujian Province (now Jianye County, Fujian Province) Organic white tea leaves In 1115, Guanyu County tribute to the Song Huizong tea silver needle, "Happiness...Read More

  • Green And White Tea

    Green And White Tea

    Green and white tea are not many buds, especially difficult to steam, the soup fire has become a common product. It must be made subtle, and the transportation is appropriate. Light baking is also available, but not as good as the product. The green and white tea is explained...Read More

  • Organic White Tea Loose Leaf

    Organic White Tea Loose Leaf

    The name of the white tea loose leaf was first appeared in the Tan dynasty of the Tang Dynasty, and it was recorded as: "The White Tea Mountain in the East Three Miles of Yongjia County." Organic white tea loose leaf Song Huizong (Zhao Wei) in the "Daguan tea...Read More

  • Best Organic White Tea

    Best Organic White Tea

    Best organic white tea" Professor Chen Yu pointed out in the "General History of Tea": "Yongjia East Three Miles is the sea, it is the mistake of the South Three Miles. Nansanbaili is Fujian Fuding (Tang is the jurisdiction of Changxi County), which is the...Read More

  • Puer Mini Tuo Cha

    Puer Mini Tuo Cha

    Puer Mini Tuo Cha's leaves have been hand-formed into the shape of tiny bowls or Tuo cha ("birds nests") and individually wrapped with weight of 5g. This tea brews a reddish cup with a mild and slightly sweet earthy flavor. The large leaves used in the...Read More

  • Puerh Mini Bird's Nest Tea

    Puerh Mini Bird's Nest Tea

    Puer Mini Bird’s Nest Tea is high class PuEr tea pressed into small nests with a weight of approx. 5 g. For centuries, the convex shape of “Tuo Cha” has been one of the most frequently used shapes for pressed Pu Er. Our small nest, pressed under high pressure, is no problem...Read More

  • Organic Yellow Tea

    Organic Yellow Tea

    Yellow tea, with a unique taste, is a specialized type of tea that is made exclusively in China and is closely related to green and black tea, in terms of preparation and flavor it is prepared in a similar way to green tea, yet the leaves are left damp to slightly oxidize the...Read More

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