Organic White Tea

  • Best Loose Leaf Tea

    Best Loose Leaf Tea

    Best loose leaf tea white leaf bottom such as silver needle pot pot soup color green bright, fresh and refreshing mellow, occasionally light and bitter taste instantly in the mouth Best loose leaf tea white tea according to the temperature picking jade white buds and leaves...Read More

  • Buy Organic White Tea

    Buy Organic White Tea

    Buy organic white tea refers to a kind of tea that is processed after being harvested without being killed or simmered, and only after drying by drying or simmering. Buy organic white tea water content is controlled within 5%, put into the ice bank, the tea leaves taken out...Read More

  • White Tea Products

    White Tea Products

    White tea products are famous for their finished teas, full of white, such as silver like snow, the main producing areas in Fujian Fuding, Zhenghe, Songxi, Jianyang, Yunnan Jinggu and other places. The white tea products are flexible and the indoor natural withering. When the...Read More

  • Organic Silver Needle White Tea

    Organic Silver Needle White Tea

    Organic silver needle white tea makes it naturally wither. When drying to 70% or 80%, dry it slowly with a slow fire. Due to the simplicity of the production process, processing is carried out in a minimum of steps. Organic silver needle white tea tastes after brewing,...Read More

  • Loose Leaf White Tea

    Loose Leaf White Tea

    Loose leaf white tea, known as a treasure in tea, has a long history. In the Eastern Han Dynasty, a young man named Yin Zhen grew up in his hometown, and his famous Confucian master Xu Shen Relax leaf white tea Xu Shen stepped back and traced the source, and even invited Yin...Read More

  • Best White Tea

    Best White Tea

    Best white tea is different for tea tree varieties and raw materials (fresh leaves). The main varieties are: first day bud, white silver needle, white peony, Shoumei (Gongmei) The best white tea was martyrdom by Mentin, and he chewed it for a while under his knees. Xu Shen’s...Read More

  • Loose White Tea

    Loose White Tea

    Loose white tea Yunnan white tea process is mainly sun-dried, the advantage of sun-dried tea is that the taste maintains the original fragrance of the tea. Withering is a key process in the formation of white tea quality. Loose white tea was smashed by the door, and it chewed...Read More

  • White Tea Bags

    White Tea Bags

    The white tea bags have the characteristics of a complete bud, full of scent, fresh and fragrant, the soup is yellow and green, and the taste is light and sweet. It is a slightly fermented tea and is a special treasure in Chinese tea. White tea bags are famous for their...Read More

  • White Tea Leaves

    White Tea Leaves

    Silver needle tea, a micro-fermented tea, is a traditional tea created by Chinese tea farmers. One of the six major teas in China Silver needle tea refers to a kind of tea that is processed after being picked and dried without drying or simmering. Silver needle tea, silver...Read More

  • Silver Needle White Tea

    Silver Needle White Tea

    Silver Needle is white tea from Fujian. Gathered only for a few days in early spring, it is exclusively made up of silvery buds. Because of this, it is extremely light and very high in caffeine. Its ripe grape taste is unique and no other tea can come even closer to its...Read More

  • Bai Hao Yin Zhen Tea

    Bai Hao Yin Zhen Tea

    Then you have the Baihao Yinzhen (Silver Needle), which is 100% tea buds. Covered with downy white hairs, this is the highest quality white tea that is harvested very early in spring. The tea is fermented in sunlight, and subjected to an extremely light firing to halt the...Read More

  • White Peony Tea

    White Peony Tea

    WHITE PEONY is the most common style of traditional white tea and consists of two leaves one bud. White Peony( Bai Mu Dan) is prized for its fresh aroma and a smooth velvety flavor. Gentle processing and the slightest oxidation process result in an amber-orange infusion with...Read More

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