Organic Oolong Tea

  • Big Red Robe Tea

    Big Red Robe Tea

    Big Red Robe oolong tea also known as Chinese name ”DA HONG PAO” as the best tribute tea of both Ming and Qing dynasties, Big Red Robe experienced a history of more than 350 years. WuYi 'rock' oolongs grow defiantly in the gaps of the mountain boulders, these tea are...Read More

  • Da Hong Pao Oolong Tea

    Da Hong Pao Oolong Tea

    Da Hong Pao is an oolong tea from the WuYi Mountains in the Fujian province of China. This tea is called the king of Yan Cha and one of the four best kinds of Wu Yi Yan Cha. It grows defiantly in the gaps of the mountain boulders, which endow it with the highly prized...Read More

  • Wuyi Rock Tea

    Wuyi Rock Tea

    WUYI ROCK TEA is a collective name for the oolong teas that comes from the WUYI region. Located in the north of Fujian Province, China, the Wuyi area is famous for its unique geography – The Danxia Landform. This WUYI ROCK TEA comes from the legendary Da Hong Pao cultivar,...Read More

  • Shui Hsien Tea

    Shui Hsien Tea

    Shui Hsien tea, Chinese named “Shui Xian”, comes from the high mountains of Wu Yi Shan, the leaves are dark, shiny green and the buds fat, yellowy-green, and covered in hairs. The distinctive feature of Shui Hsien tea leaves is their size, which is huger in comparison to...Read More

  • Shuixian Oolong Tea

    Shuixian Oolong Tea

    This Shui Xian tea is a luxurious and unique dark loose leaf oolong tea from the Wuyi mountain, which located in the Fujian province of China. The Wuyi mountain are renowned for producing the very best oolong teas. This exclusive dark oolong tea, imparts a delightfully light...Read More

  • Water Fairy Oolong Tea

    Water Fairy Oolong Tea

    Water Sprite Tea is also known as “Shui Xian” is a Chinese oolong tea that is darker than the typical oolong teas from the same region. Darker in color and mellow in flavor, this oolong tea has a long history and tradition and may still be found today being served at many...Read More

  • Tiekuanyin Tea

    Tiekuanyin Tea

    Tie Guan Yin is a sweet and floral Chinese oolong tea that reminds you of wonderful orchids from the moment you first smell it. This delicate oolong tea comes from Anxi, Fujian province –The famous place for Tie Kuan Yin . Our tea gardens locate in the west of Anxi with the...Read More

  • Iron Goddess of Mercy Oolong Tea

    Iron Goddess of Mercy Oolong Tea

    Our Iron Goddess of Mercy is hand-crafted twice each year, in spring and winter, it is also name “Tie Kuan Yin” . Our tea gardens locate in the west of Anxi with the average attitude of 600 meter. Anxi Tieguanyin tea belongs to a family of teas from southern Fujian Province...Read More

  • SE Chung Oolong Tea

    SE Chung Oolong Tea

    Se Chung means "colorful variety" and refers to the style of oolong tea made in Anxi county of Fujian Province in China. It is created using a shorter fermentation period compared with other Oolong Teas from the province, offering a slight herbaceous green...Read More

  • SE Zhong Oolong Tea

    SE Zhong Oolong Tea

    SE ZHONG also is written as “Se Chung” Oolong ,it has a shorter fermentation time than other Oolongs from Fujian province resulting in more subtle Oolong character. There are delicate notes of Ti Kuan Yin style flavor combined with a slight herbaceous green character. This is...Read More

  • Qilan Oolong Tea

    Qilan Oolong Tea

    Qi Lan oolong (rare orchid) is a popular tea varietal/cultivar grow n throughout the oolong producing areas of Fujian. This tea's dried leaves are the long and twisting shape and dark greenish red-brown color characteristic of traditional Wuyi Rock Tea. The fragrance of...Read More

  • Rare Orchid Oolong Tea

    Rare Orchid Oolong Tea

    Rare Orchid, also known as "Qi Lan" in Mandarin Chinese, is a fragrant oolong tea from Wuyi mountain, Fujian Province, China, a UNESCO World Heritage Site known for its pristine natural beauty. Our Rare Orchid Oolong Tea, made from tender spring leaves of Qi Lan...Read More

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