Organic Oolong Tea

  • Black Oolong Tea

    Black Oolong Tea

    Black oolong tea split heap management and timely cooling and withering according to processing standards and timely processing to prevent fresh leaf material deterioration. The by-products of black oolong tea organic tea products, such as tea ash old stalks or residues after...Read More

  • Loose Leaf Oolong Tea

    Loose Leaf Oolong Tea

    The loose leaf oolong tea processing plant should try to use renewable energy sources such as hydropower, solar energy, biogas, etc., and try to avoid using wood as the main fuel for tea processing plants. Loose leaf oolong tea In the management and processing of fresh leaf...Read More

  • Organic Oolong Tea Bags

    Organic Oolong Tea Bags

    Organic oolong tea bags Organic oolong tea processing only allows the use of mechanical, physical and natural fermentation methods, such as shake, cool green, green, etc.; prohibit the use and addition of any chemically synthesized food additives, pigments, vitamins and other...Read More

  • High Mountain Oolong Tea

    High Mountain Oolong Tea

    High mountain oolong tea fresh leaves in the process of drying, shaking, killing, wrapping and other processing links so that the tea does not touch the ground, or lay a clean white cloth. High mountain oolong tea Fresh leaf raw materials collected from organic tea gardens...Read More

  • Loose Oolong Tea

    Loose Oolong Tea

    Loose oolong tea production personnel must master the basic requirements and skills of organic oolong tea processing operations. Loose oolong tea The personnel engaged in the processing of organic tea must have a physical examination before and during each year. Only those...Read More

  • Oolong Tea Leaves

    Oolong Tea Leaves

    The machinery, utensils and other equipment used in the processing of oolong tea leaves shall not pollute the tea. It is necessary to use equipment that does not contain pollutants to manufacture equipment, especially tea molding equipment, such as machine, fried machine,...Read More



    Best oolong tea factory to set up facilities for washing, washing, ventilation, moisture, mildew, rodent and cockroach and garbage dumping, using physical, mechanical and biological methods to eliminate flies, rats, cockroaches and other harmful insects Best oolong tea must...Read More

  • Oolong Green Tea

    Oolong Green Tea

    Oolong green tea tries to achieve convenient transportation, clean water, green trees and beautiful environment. Prevent contamination that may come from outside the system. The oolong green tea workshop, site and machinery should meet the peak oolong tea production...Read More

  • Oolong Tea Bags

    Oolong Tea Bags

    Oolong tea bags for fresh leaves, such as tea baskets, baskets, etc. should be clean and ventilated bamboo, the amount of dressing does not affect the quality of fresh leaves, do not use cloth bags, plastic bags and other soft packaging. Avoid fresh leaves heating and reding,...Read More

  • Cheap Loose Tea

    Cheap Loose Tea

    The cheap loose tea is distributed in a timely manner to cool down and wither, and timely processing according to processing standards to prevent deterioration of fresh leaf raw materials. Cheap loose tea in the process of fresh leaf packaging, transportation and storage,...Read More

  • High Quality Loose Leaf Tea

    High Quality Loose Leaf Tea

    High quality loose leaf tea must be from the certified organic tea garden to be fresh and clean, in line with the oolong tea picking standards; fresh leaf raw materials do not contain pedicles, tea fruit and old leaves and other inclusions. High quality loose leaf tea should...Read More

  • Loose Leaf Tea For Sale

    Loose Leaf Tea For Sale

    Loose leaf tea for sale Organic oolong tea is a kind of tea produced by standardized cultivation. Its characteristics are non-polluting and pure natural. Loose leaf tea for sale is the highest quality representative of tea, so it needs to be certified by the organic food...Read More

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