Organic Jasmine Tea

  • Jade Butterfly Jasmine Tea

    Jade Butterfly Jasmine Tea

    Jade Butterfly jasmine tea is premium and unique high grade jade green tea that is handmade by bounding together tender leaves into shape of a butterfly. Teas scented with sweet-smelling jasmine blossoms have been a favorite in china since the song dynasty. In the traditional...Read More

  • Yu Die Jasmine Tea

    Yu Die Jasmine Tea

    Our Jade Butterfly Jasmine tea(also named as JASMINE BUTTERFLY TEA) are use the handpicked tea leaves from the Fujian region in China and layered with fresh jasmine petals for a sweet floral aroma, then shaped into pretty little butterflies that unfurl as they steep. It...Read More

  • Jasmine Silver Tip Tea

    Jasmine Silver Tip Tea

    Our Jasmine Silver Tip tea , which also call Jasmine “Yin Hao” is a deeply perfume white tea from the Fujian province of China, it usually comprised of the tea bud and the top one or two tea leaves. Our Jasmine Yin Hao is a high-quality jasmine tea that has an incredibly...Read More

  • Yinhao Jasmine Tea

    Yinhao Jasmine Tea

    Yin Hao Jasmine is one of our famous scented teas. We use spring-harvested green tea from Fujian for the base tea. The buds are handpicked, then withered and dried. The finished tea is then stored to wait the blossoming of late summer jasmine. Once jasmine flowers begin...Read More

  • Jasmine Pekoe

    Jasmine Pekoe

    J asmine pekoe---Pekoe is the term used for describing leaves that are less fine and lacking a tip. The gathered pekoe tea leaves undergo the green tea processing methods. Additionally they are tossed with jasmine flowers to imbue the green tea with the flowers’ wonderful aroma.Read More

  • Supreme Jasmine Pekoe Green

    Supreme Jasmine Pekoe Green

    Our Supreme Jasmine pekoe green tea is made from whole, young tea leaves that are covered with silver peach-like fuzz, the harvested leaves are dried with heat to halt the oxidation process, and then tossed with jasmine flowers to capture aroma. The Jasmine flowers are picked...Read More

  • Jasmine Green Tea

    Jasmine Green Tea

    Our organic Jasmine green tea is blended with fresh jasmine blossoms by a traditional tea scenting process. The green tea absorbs the natural essence from fresh jasmine blossoms and imparts a sweet and soothing fragrance in every cup. This organic jasmine tea leaf are puck...Read More

  • Jasmine-scented Green Tea

    Jasmine-scented Green Tea

    Jasmine-Scented tea is tea scented with aroma from jasmine blossoms to make a scented tea. Typically, jasmine tea has green tea as the tea base To make a high quality jasmine tea, we must use a high quality green tea. Our jasmine tea use the green tea from our tea garden...Read More

  • Xianzhi Green Tea

    Xianzhi Green Tea

    Xianzhi tea is a very high grade green tea from Jiangxi province, China. Xianzhi tea is picked as one bud one leaf and only before the Qingming Festival in the early spring. The tea is therefore very rare. Our Xianzhi Green Tea is grown organically in the mountains with...Read More

  • Imperial Xianzhi Green Tea

    Imperial Xianzhi Green Tea

    The raw material of this imperial Xianzhi green tea is puck from the tea gardens in the cloudy mountain with the altitude of 800 meters in Wuyuan county. Our Xianzhi green tea are USDA and ECOCERT and Fair Trade certified. We picked just one bud with one leaves by hand around...Read More

  • Orchid Fairy Twig Tea

    Orchid Fairy Twig Tea

    Orchid Fairy Twig also call “XIAN ZHI “green tea, this rarely exported green tea comes from Jiangxi Province, situated near the middle of the southern part of China. It is very lovely, complex and for the most part unlike any other tea I can think of. The tea has a very...Read More

  • Jasmine Loose Tea Leaf Fanning

    Jasmine Loose Tea Leaf Fanning

    we use high quality green tea fanning and scented with natural Jasmine flower from GuangXi province to manufacture the jasmine green tea fanning. It has high jasmine aroma and mellow taste. It can be used widely for filling Teabag, healthy tea blending and so on.Read More

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