Organic Herbs and Spices

  • Huang Cha

    Huang Cha

    Huang cha, English name “Yellow tea” is a rare and expensive variety of tea in China. It is produced similarly to green tea, but with an added step of being steamed under a damp cloth after oxidation, giving the leaves a slightly yellow coloring. This process also imparts a...Read More

  • Eleuthero Root

    Eleuthero Root

    Eleuthero root is best known as being an adaptogens and has been part of the herbal repertoire in Chinese medicine for thousands of years. It was also used in Korean and Russian folk medicine, not only for increasing stamina but for promoting overall health. Russian...Read More

  • Siberian Ginseng Eleuthero

    Siberian Ginseng Eleuthero

    SIBERIAN GINSENG has been a hot name in the alternative medicine world for some time, but it is actually the common name of Eleutherococcus senticosus, a species of small shrubs that are primarily found in China, Korea, Russia, and Japan. It has recently become highly desired...Read More

  • Ginkgo Leaf TBC,CS

    Ginkgo Leaf TBC,CS

    Ginkgo is native to China and has been found in fossils dating its existence back over 270 million years. The unique fan shaped leaves are harvested in the fall. The beautiful leaf of the ginkgo tree has a variety of uses in traditional medicine. More than 40 components...Read More

  • Organic Ginkgo Bioba Leaf C/S or TBC

    Organic Ginkgo Bioba Leaf C/S or TBC

    The herb ginkgo is the leaf of Ginkgo biloba, also known as the maidenhair tree. Because this tree is the oldest species of plant known with no surviving close relatives, gingko is referred to as a living fossil. Native to China, gingko has been used in food and medicine for...Read More

  • Ginger Root TBC or CS

    Ginger Root TBC or CS

    Ginger is one of the few "panacea" herbs that is helpful for almost everything. Ginger is especially excellent for boosting digestive health, gentle cleansing, pain relief, circulation, and increasing the absorption rate of foods, medicines, vitamins and minerals....Read More

  • Ginger Root Herbs and Spices TBC or C/S

    Ginger Root Herbs and Spices TBC or C/S

    Although it is commonly referred to as gingerroot, ginger is actually an underground rhizome. A perennial plant native to Asia, ginger is now grown in several tropical countries. It is part of the plant family that includes turmeric Best known for its ability to ease nausea...Read More

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