Organic Black Tea

  • Golden Monkeyblack Tea

    Golden Monkeyblack Tea

    Grown near the Tai Mu mountains of Fujian province, China, Golden Monkey tea is also known as “Panyong Wang,” the king of high grade black teas. The tea term “Monkey” in China refers to the fuzzy golden down on the leaves. The golden down provides texture and smoothness to...Read More

  • Jin Hou Black Tea

    Jin Hou Black Tea

    Our Jin Hou Black tea also known as Golden Monkey tea is grown near the Tai Mu mountains of Fujian province. It features large black tea leaves interspersed with golden tips. Our Jin Hou Tea is sweet and very "nosy": savory roasted apples, palm sugar, walnut, cocoa,...Read More

  • Rose Congou Black Tea

    Rose Congou Black Tea

    Our Rose Congou from Guangdong Province, used thin, tight strips black tea leaves and blend the Rose Flavoring, and add fresh rose blossoms on the tea. It produces light golden liquor with a very gentle, sweet taste and perfumed aroma.Read More

  • Rose Petal Black Tea

    Rose Petal Black Tea

    Our Rose Pe tal Black Tea from the Fujian province, and was layered 5 times with rose petals. This gives the tea a delicate rose character. It is finely balanced with the earthy taste of the China black tea. Scented teas have been around for a long time. Today, essential oils...Read More

  • Lychee Flavored Black Tea

    Lychee Flavored Black Tea

    Lychee Flavored Black tea is used black leaf scented with the Lychee Flavoring, one of China’s most popular fruits, which give a sharp, almost citric flavor. It may be enjoyed alone at any time of the day or evening. The flavor is perfume like and pleasing. Naturally sweet,...Read More

  • Chinese Lychee Black Tea

    Chinese Lychee Black Tea

    This China black tea is naturally scented by adding the juice of fresh lychee nuts to the tea leaves. This traditional Chinese tea is a sweet tasting and aromatic tea that yields a pleasant cup when brewed hot or iced cold. The taste is very exotic and sweet, reminiscent of...Read More

  • Golden Buds Black Tea

    Golden Buds Black Tea

    Golden Buds black tea also known as "Jin Ya" in China, this rare, top-grade Yunnan is picked in the early spring when the tea plants are budding with the year’s new growth. The leaf is very attractive, large and twisted, black with plenty of golden tips. Typical of...Read More

  • Yunnan Golden Tips

    Yunnan Golden Tips

    This delightful black tea is grown in South West China's Yunnan Province, where the mountainous terrain and moist, mild breezes from the Indian and Pacific oceans provide perfect growing conditions. The result is a black tea with smooth roasted chestnut notes, the golden...Read More

  • Dianhong Jin Ya Black Tea

    Dianhong Jin Ya Black Tea

    Dian Hong Jin Ya, also known as Golden Buds, has a rich aroma. Some people say that this Yunnan black tea has an aroma that resembles cacao. The flavor is smooth with a delicate sweetness that fills the entire palate. Golden Buds is truly a remarkable tea. Our tea come from...Read More

  • Yunnan Black Tea

    Yunnan Black Tea

    This black tea is made in Yunnan Province, it is also call “Dian Hong”, in southern China, and consists of tender buds and leaves from a large leaf variety. When oxidized, these silky buds turn a beautiful golden color and yield a smooth, caramel and woody flavor. Our Yunnan...Read More

  • Dian Hong Black Tea

    Dian Hong Black Tea

    DianHong tea is a Chinese name of “Yunnan Black Tea” is one of the world's finest teas. Our Dian Hong teas are puck from the tea gardens locate at the mountain area with elevation range from 1700 to 2300 meters and are far away from any town or city. Grass and pests are...Read More

  • Lapsang Souchoung Black Tea

    Lapsang Souchoung Black Tea

    Our Lapsang Souchong is a unique organic black teas, it is dried over pinewood, giving it a heavily smoky aroma and deep, rich liquor. Our Lapsang Souchong is very approachable: clean and slightly cool smokiness in the aroma, like menthol. It is sweet, refreshing smoky...Read More

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