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The Main Varieties Of Jasmine Tea
- Jun 15, 2018 -

Guangxi Flower Tea

Guangxi Huacha produces jasmine flowers from Hengxian County, Guangxi Province. Hengxian County is the largest jasmine production base in China. It is named “Hometown of Chinese Jasmine” by the State Forestry Administration and China Flower Association.

Dragon Ball

Longquanzhu Jasmine Tea is produced in Fuzhou, Fujian. It is a traditional local brand name product in Fuzhou Jasmine Tea. Quality features: round and heavy profile, uniform; internal fresh aroma, taste mellow, soup color Huang Liang, leaf bottom hypertrophy.

Political and silver needles

Politic and jasmine silver needle jasmine tea. Produced in Fujian Zhenghe tea factory. The main sales of Beijing, Tianjin and other places. Its quality characteristics: the appearance of buds fat, full of hairs, silver needles, the color of oil; endoplasmic soup clear and bright, fragrant flowers, rich, brewing 3 to 4 times the flowers still exist, taste fresh and refreshing Gan Gan, The leaves are thick and tender, and the roots are like needles.

Jinhua Jasmine

Also known as “Jinhua Flower Tea”, produced in Jinhua City, Zhejiang Province, and selected good green tea as the tea biscuit, with the same round, large grain, full, white, smooth, aromatic, high-quality jasmine produced through the brewing process. Must catch beads of flowers spit incense, tea blanks incense, revitalizing fire musk 3 important links. Its varieties are jasmine Maofeng tea, jasmine baking blue and white tea, jasmine roasted blue and white tea, etc. Among them, Jasmine Maofeng tea has the best quality, Jasmine Maofeng tea is fully exposed, and the buds and leaves are rolled tightly; The golden color of the soup is clear; the tea is rich and fresh, the taste is fresh and cool, and the flag and the gun are strewn in a cup. The form is beautiful and natural.

Suzhou Flower Tea

Jasmine tea is produced in the Suzhou tea factory in Jiangsu Province. Its production began in the Southern Song Dynasty and has a long history. It is a traditional Chinese name of tea and is regarded as one of China's ten famous teas (unofficial). Suzhou Jasmine tea is selected from Su, Zhejiang, and Anhui provinces for drying tea green tea with good aroma-suppressing properties. It is brewed with scented fresh and ripe jasmine flowers, which is more than a dozen processes. . The finished product of Suzhou Jasmine Tea is tightly balanced and smooth, and the white tea is revealed. The dried tea is oily and clear. The tea soup after brewing is clear and transparent, and the leaf bottom is tender; the aroma is delicious, thick and clear, the entrance is refreshing, and the continuous performance is good.

Sichuan Jasmine Tea

Bitan Snow, Snow in Lin Lake, Snow in Golden Needle, Snow in Dome, Snow in Fine Buds

Sichuan Jasmine Tea is produced from Sichuan Emeishan, Mengshan, Yibin and other Sichuan green teas. It has a unique brewing technology. It represents the variety of Bitan snow, Linhu snow, unique style. Leshan County, Sichuan Province has a reputation as a hometown of jasmine flowers. Sichuan Huacha has been made from Sichuan local natural flowers, and Sichuan Mingqian tea is used as a tea blank. This tea is made by multiple tapping and drinking. The floral fragrance does not hide tea, and the tea is mixed with floral aromas. The taste is fresh and cool, and the texture is rich.

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