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Organic Green Tea Variety
- Jun 15, 2018 -

New Tea and Chen Tea

The appearance of the new tea is bright green and shiny, and it smells a strong taste of tea. The green color of the tea soup is green, with fragrance, orchid fragrance and cooked chestnut aroma. The taste of the tea is refreshing and the bottom of the leaves is bright green.

Chen’s tea has a dark, dull appearance and a low-smelling aroma. For example, tea leaves are hot and dry, and the wet leaves are yellow and dry, with a cold sensation. The brewed tea leaves have a deep yellow color and are mellow but not mellow. Refreshing, yellow leaves on the bottom of the leaves are bright.

Spring tea, summer tea and autumn tea

The spring tea leaves are full of plump, dark green, and moist, and the knots are tight and heavy. The teas that are brewed are rich in flavor, refreshing in glycol, rich in aroma, and soft and bright in the bottom.

The appearance of the summer tea is thicker and looser, and the color is mixed. The leaf buds are distinctly woody. The tea brewed with astringent taste is astringent, the leaf bottom is hard, the veins are exposed, and the copper green leaves are mixed.

The shape of the autumn tea is very tight, with more wire, lighter, and greener colors; the tea soup is pale, and the soup is mild, slightly sweet, light in aroma, and the leaves are soft and multi-copper.

Alpine tea and tea in peace

The mountain tea is thick in appearance, green in color, and rich in luster. The tea brewed out of tea has a bright green color, a long lasting aroma, a strong flavor, a bright bottom and a soft leaf.

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