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Jasmine Tea Tea Embryo Treatment
- Jun 15, 2018 -

The tea embryos that make tea are made from green tea and refined (slightly) according to the tea-grade standard tea samples.

1. Drying: The tea embryos that make tea are generally dried. Objective: High-grade tea embryos are distributed in water and sweltering and chaste. Middle and low-grade tea embryos are used to reduce the odor of aging, flavor, etc., revealing the aroma of normal green tea, which is beneficial to the improvement of the freshness of flower tea. Dryer temperature is generally not too high, high-grade tea embryos at 100-110 °C, middle and low-grade tea embryos can be 110-120 °C. The traditional process requires that the moisture of tea embryo after baking is between 4% and 5%, and it cannot be fired with high fire, and it is prone to produce fire smell and affect the quality of tea.

2. Cooling: Generally, the temperature of the stack is higher after the tea is returned to fire. At 60-80°C, it must be cooled and cooled until the temperature of the tea pile is 1-3°C at room temperature. Affect the jasmine peanut machine and spit incense, reduce the quality of tea, the lower the temperature of the tea embryo, the better, so that the system will make the stack temperature rise slowly, relative extended 32-37 °C heap temperature time, is conducive to spit incense And tea embryos absorb incense, improve the quality of tea.

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