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Jasmine Tea Flowers Processing
- Jun 15, 2018 -

Jasmine has the habit of opening up in the evening and the flowers are usually picked after 2pm in the day. The flowers have large buds, high yield and good quality. After harvesting, don't squeeze when loading, and use a ventilated basket to decorate it. Do not use a plastic bag. It is easy to squeeze and is not ventilated. It can easily cause "fire burning."

1. Spreading cool: The arrival of the flowers is adapted to timely acceptance of the pounds, and the piles are divided according to stages, and the cooling is spread (see the attached standards for the grade standards). The purpose is: flowers in the transport process due to pressure, respiration produce heat, not easily disseminated, so that flower temperature rise, generally above 38 °C, high over 40 °C. Disadvantages of the physiological activities of flowers must be quickly spread to cool, cool down, restore vitality, and promote open vomiting. The stalls must be ventilated, and the flowers should be thin when they are cold, generally less than 10cm. When the temperature is high, a light fan can be used to blow the air; the rainwater can be used to spread thinly, blow the air, and evaporate the surface water. After the surface is dried, it can be stored and maintained.

2. The maintenance of flowers: The purpose is to control the temperature in the flowers, so that the flowers are full of vitality and promote the opening of the vomiting. The suitable temperature for opening flowers is 32-37°C. Therefore, if the temperature is lower than 30°C, the flower bed must be warmed up and the flower respiration release CO2 to generate heat, which will increase the temperature of the flower bed. When the pile temperature reaches 38°C or above, To open the flowers, cool down, increase the oxygen to promote the opening of flowers; when the temperature is high, it is necessary to spread, turn, and ventilate to prevent the flowers from being overheated when the temperature is too high, generally stacking 15-20cm. In spring and autumn, due to the low temperature, the height of the pile is usually 30-40 cm. Sometimes it is covered with a cloth to keep the temperature and promote the opening of flowers.

3. Sieve flowers: When the opening rate of flowers is about 60%, the flowers can be sieved. The purpose of the sieve flowers is not only the size of the flowers but also the flower buds of the buds. Through mechanical vibration, it can also promote the openness of the flowers. After the flowers are sifted, they should be piled up according to the predetermined number of batches of pounds. If the openness is not enough, maintenance should continue. Use of Flowers: Flower No. 1 is used for jacquard, scorpion and high tea pods; No. 2 flower is used for head lice. If No. 1 and No. 2 flowers are used for the same batch of tea, use No. 1 and No. 2 afterwards. Do not mix and use them separately.

4, Magnolia bottoming. The purpose is to use the magnolia "smell" to increase the concentration of jasmine tea aroma, "setting off" the freshness of the floral fragrance. Bottom grasping moderate, can improve the quality of tea.

Priming method: in the brewing of jasmine tea, tea, flower spelling and before the first use of magnolia flowers (usually 1%, tea 100kg with magnolia flowers 1kg) in the tea embryo first fight and "bottom"; some in the Jasmine At the same time, as spelled as magnolia flowers, but the amount is not easy too much, and more likely to cause "through the blue"; some in the jacquard with a small amount of magnolia flowers and jasmine to fight together and jacquard (the amount of 0.3-0.5 %).

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