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Yellow tea is a specialty of China
- Jun 15, 2018 -

Yellow tea is a specialty of China. According to the size of fresh leaves, it is divided into yellow bud tea, yellow tea and yellow tea. Huangya tea mainly includes Junshan silver needles, Mongolian top yellow buds and Huoshan yellow buds, Yuanan yellow tea; such as Lushan Maojian, Pingyang Huangtang, and Ya'an yellow tea are all small yellow teas. After the impoundment of the Three Gorges reservoir area, Zigui mountainous area shrouded in fog all the year round, forming a unique Zigui yellow tea, also belongs to Huang Xiaocha.

The Jinzhai in Anhui, Huoshan, Yingshan in Hubei and Guangdong Dayeqing are Huangda tea. Yellow tea is characterized by "yellow yellow soup." Hunan Yueyang is the hometown of yellow tea in China.

Yellow tea is a light-fermented tea, and its processing technology is similar to that of green tea. It only adds a “boring yellow” process before or after the drying process to promote partial oxidation of polyphenols and chlorophyll. Its processing method is similar to that of green tea. Its production process is as follows: The fresh leaves are green and rubbed - stuffy yellow and dry. The procedures for fixing, rubbing, and drying yellow tea are similar to those for green tea. The most important procedure is the stuffy yellow, which is the key to the formation of yellow tea. The main method is to wrap the tea after fixing and rubbing the tea. After being piled up, it is covered with a damp cloth and the time varies from tens of minutes to several hours, which promotes the non-enzymatic automatic oxidation of the tea blank under hydrothermal conditions to form yellow color.

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