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Yellow tea characteristics
- Jun 15, 2018 -

The production of yellow tea is similar to that of green tea. The difference is that it is a more boring process. This boring process is the main characteristic of the yellow tea making method, and it is also the basic difference between it and green tea. Green tea is not fermented, while yellow tea is fermented tea.

Yellow tea has the distinction between bud tea and leaf tea. It has different requirements for new buds and leaves: In addition to the requirements for yellow tea, there are 1 shoots of 4 buds and 5 new shoots, and the rest of the yellow teas require tender, fresh and uniform leaves. "Pure" commonality. According to the tenderness of its fresh leaves and the size of buds, it can be divided into yellow bud tea, yellow tea and yellow tea.

Yellow tea has different shapes due to different varieties and processing techniques. For example, Junshan Silver Needle is shaped like a needle, and its buds are full of fat and full of coats. The buds are thin and flat, and as little as possible. The Mongolian top yellow buds are flat and straight, and the buds are strong. Lu Yuan tea is a ring with a tightly knotted cord, which is significantly better than the straight, unobtrusive. Huangda tea is thickened with thick leaves, long stems and strong stems, and the stems and leaves are well connected. The leaf shape, short thin stems, and separation of stems and leaves or stems and leaves are poor. Comments on the color and lusterless than the yellow withered, dark and fresh, etc., with golden yellow and fresh as excellent, dark and dark as poor, the evaluation of the degree of clarity than stems, tablets, and non-tea inclusions content. Huang Dacha dry sniffing aroma to the fire Gongzuo Baguo fragrant as well, lack of firepower for the second time, with green sulking or crude green gas is bad. Comment on the quality of the celestial soup is bright yellow soup, yellow or yellow turbidity times. The aroma is excellent for pleasing, and the turbidity is poor. The taste is preferably fresh and refreshing, sweet and astringent. The bitterness, astringency, lightness, and boring are the secondary factors. At the bottom of the leaves, the buds are well-balanced and bright yellow, and the buds are thin and yellow and dark.

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