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Wendao Baopu black tea storage method
- Jun 15, 2018 -

Wen Dao holds black tea with the sun and moon, and lives with the environment. Under natural environmental conditions, quality continues to sublimate.

Pay attention to three conditions when saving:

1, the shade of the sun, the sun will quickly oxidize the tea, resulting in some unpleasant chemical composition, such as the smell of the sun, a long time can not disappear.

2, ventilation avoid airtight, ventilation contributes to the natural oxidation of tea, while the appropriate absorption of air moisture (but the water can not be too high, otherwise easy to mold) accelerate the tea moist heat oxidation process, but also for the microbial metabolism and moisture Oxygen, avoid using plastic bags to seal.

3, open bogey odor, tea has a strong absorption of the opposite sex, can not be mixed with odor substances, and should be placed in an open and ventilated environment.

If black tea needs to be ventilated, dry, and has no odor, if the tea leaves are not properly dampened, the following methods can be used to deal with them. However, black mustard, green mold, and gray mold must not be consumed, indicating that tea has taken place. Mildew. Maintaining ventilation and dryness is the most important part of its collection of black tea. Black tea is a deep fermentation (fully fermented tea) and it is necessary to accelerate the aging with a certain amount of humidity. If it is too careless due to excessive humidity, it takes too long to make tea. Due to moisture and moldy white hair, should be promptly removed to obtain a ventilated and dry place, you can also get wet (open air conditioning can be) or in the sun drying, moldy hair grown after a few days will disappear, such as white hair The situation is serious, you can use brush, towel and other soft textiles to remove the surface of the white hair, and then use a hair dryer and the like to heat for more than ten minutes. But if it is black mold, green mold, gray mold is bad tea.

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