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Organic oolong tea raw materials
- Jun 15, 2018 -

(1) Organic tea garden must be obtained from the certificate.

(2) It should be fresh and clean, in line with the oolong tea picking standards; fresh leaf raw materials do not contain pedicles, tea fruits and old leaves and other inclusions.

(3) Picking should be done in a timely manner to avoid damage, timely entering the factory, keeping the raw materials fresh, and accepting and accepting the standards of different varieties, noon, dew, rain, and fresh leaves. The pile-distribution management shall be promptly cooled and wilted. Standards are processed in time to prevent deterioration of fresh leaf raw materials.

(4) Instruments used to hold fresh leaves, such as tea baskets, baskets, etc., shall be cleaned and well-ventilated bamboo utensils. The amount of clothing shall not affect the quality of the fresh leaves, and no flexible packaging such as cloth bags or plastic bags shall be used. Avoid warming and reddening of fresh leaves and affect product quality.

(5) During the process of loading, transporting and storing fresh leaves, attention should be paid to light pressure, thin booths, and frequent turning to reduce mechanical damage. Avoid heavy pressure, sun, rain, prevent fresh leaves warming deterioration, affect product quality.

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