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Black tea identification method
- Jun 15, 2018 -

The overall quality of a good black tea requires a dark and shiny color. The soup is orange and bright, and the aroma is pure. Chen tea has a special floral or "mung bean flavor" and tastes mellow and sweet. If the aroma has tannic acid, musty or other offensive odor, rough taste, black or cloudy soup, it is a sign of poor quality.

1, view shape: look dry tea color, cable, containing the amount of stems, smell the dry tea. Black tea has a fermented aroma and the old tea has a scent of Chen; the tea bricks are pressed tightly, the mould pattern is clear, the edges and corners are clear, and there are no cracks on the sides; the loose tea is uniform and the oil is good.

2. Look at the soup color: The orange is bright, and the color of the tea is bright like amber.

3, smell aroma: with sweet wine or pine smoke incense, Chen tea has Chen Xiang.

4, product taste: alcohol and, Chen tea lubrication, Hui Gan.

5, see the bottom: dark brown.

Old age black tea has long-lasting resistance to foam, which can be seen from the following points:

Features: The soup is bright red and bright, such as aging wine, no precipitation, turbidity, great ornamental value, household glassware brewing, easy to see.

Aroma: The first bubble mellow scented with Chen, the rigidity is weaker, the middle period alcohol is both, the late Chen Xiang is outstanding, the mellow smell is like old wine.

Taste: The initial bubble entrance is sweet, smooth, smooth, thick and not greasy, sweet aftertaste; the mid-range sweet is cool and the entrance is finished; after the soup color is lightened in the later period, the tea taste is still sweet and pure, and has no taste.

Black brick tea quality requirements: brick surface smooth, clear patterns, clear edges and corners, consistent thickness, dark brown color, brick no black mold, white mold, etc., can have "golden flowers", pure aroma of the inner quality, or with a loose cigarette taste The orange color of the soup is still bright, with a taste of alcohol and bogey.

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